Are DIY Websites Worth It?

Are DIY Websites Worth It?

ThingsTo Consider

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1. Quality

Consider the work of a bricklayer, a painter, a carpenter, a mechanic, etc. Are those tradesmen the only ones capable of performing their work? Could someone go to a DIY store, purchase the materials needed to build a brick wall, paint a house, change their bakes, etc.? Of course! These are jobs that CAN be done without having years of experience in those trades. sillouhette of construction workerHowever, will the outcome be of the same quality as an experienced professional? Not even close. In order to do any of those jobs, it is possible to watch YouTube videos and and follow along, but results cannot be gaurranteed. It also depends on the skill level of the person doing the work and their ability to follow the instructions as well as, the instructions being clear and accurate enough to follow successfully.

2. Cost vs. Your Time

The next thing to consider is how much of your time do you really want to invest in learning to build websites? Many may think it will save money to do their own work, or will it? How much time will they have to spend trying to learn? CalculatorHow much is that time worth compared to what could have been gained if it was invested in their business instead? How much would the wasted materials cost that had to be thrown away due to the trial and error of cutting the pieces wrong, not to mention the time spent trying to get it right? If in the case of car repairs, how much extra will have to be spent on getting specialized tools needed to complete the job?

Think of your own industry. Would someone be better off doing the job themselves as they would if they hire you? Of course not! You are an experienced and trained professional. You know how to do the job quickly and efficiently. You know from experience how to make the job run smooth by avoiding all the most common beginner mistakes and even advanced level experience mistakes.

The same holds true for web design and development. There are many free learning resources and tools out there to get the job done, but there is a reason why it can be expensive to to hire a web designer/developer. It’s not for everyone. The time spent on it may be better invested in your business. As it has been said, “If you think its expensive to hire a professional, try hiring an amateur.”

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Hopefully, this short and succinct article has helped you in making a decision for your own website. Feel free to contact us for a quote for your website.

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