Why Keep Your Website Up To Date?

Why Keep Your Website Up To Date?

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1. Image

Anyone with good business sense cares about the reputation and image the public have of their business. We all perceive outdated looks, equipment and techniques as unprofessional, and in most cases, that is a correct assumption. It conveys a refusal to adapt with the times which sends a message to your potential clients that working with your business will not be a smooth or even pleasant experience.

Imagine you need representation in court and your lawyer shows up with a well worn suit and briefcase from 1975. Has he/she not had a client since 1975? Is he/she up to date Man reading a bookon current law practice? He/She may be an amazing lawyer but one would have to wonder since the image presented causes doubt. Is this the individual you would want to represent you?

What about a doctor’s office that is disheveled, with a waiting room that feels more like the inside of a time capsule? Again, it would cause you to wonder and question the competency of that office.

Your company’s website obviously represents your business in the same way. Having an outdated look can start things off on the wrong foot and give a bad first impression. Business can be cut throat as it is, why not avail yourself of every advantage?

2. Poor User Experience

Have you ever seen a website on your mobile device that you had to zoom in just to read the content? That is a perfect example of an outdated website. The format of the site tells you that it hasn’t been updated for quite some time, years, maybe even decades. Do you enjoy having to zoom in and out to navigate the website? Probably not. Unless you have a very compelling reason to continue using that specific site, you may have moved on to more user-friendly websites which were less frustrating to use. The owner of that website may have lost business to their competition due to failure to keep up with the times.

3. Improved Search Results

Having a modern, user-friendly design on your website will also play a role in your search results ranking. Google wants the user to have the best experience possible and if your website is not mobile friendly, Google knows it and will be less likely to recommend your website in the search results when other websites offer a better user experience.

Also, due to reason #2, if your website has a poor user experience, people will be less likely to stay on your website. The quicker  Google search resultsthey leave your site and continue their search elsewhere, the worse your site will rank. This is called a bounce rate. The bounce rate is the amount of time someone spends on your site before leaving it. If repeated users abandon your site within seconds of clicking on it, whether it be the appearance or lack of performance of your site due to slow load times, this indicates to Google that your website is undesirable and will affect your ranking.

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