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About Snowman

At Snowman Web Design & Development
we are all about building websites with style.

We will strive hard to make your site as visually appealing as possible.

Communication & Collaboration:

We will work closely with you to get it just right so you are well pleased with what we produce.

Colors & Fonts:

You can either choose your own fonts and color schemes or let us choose it for you.


If you aren’t sure how to convey your message, we recommend hiring a skilled copywriter to help with the content of your page.

Custom Work:

We can create custom icons, favicons, cursors, logos and other artwork. All custom work will become your exclusive intellectual property. Snowman Web Development & Design will provide digital copies of all such custom work upon project completion. We may request that such custom work be used in our demo portfolio as samples for other clients. It will be your responsibility to copyright and or trademark to protect such intellectual property.

Navigation Bars:

We specialize in creative and unique navigation bars for your site that you won’t find elsewhere. See our samples on the gallery page.

Hover Effects:

We are also big on hover effects to add more style and intrigue to the desktop version of your site.


All sites will be fully responsive. The websites will self-adjust to look good on any size screen. We can also make your photos responsive. This would mean having higher and lower resolution versions of the photos which allows the internet browser to determine which resolution is the best for which device, allowing for faster load time.


We recommend hiring a skilled photographer, as photos can make or break the visual appeal of your site. The higher the quality and resolution, the better. As an alternative, you may wish to shop for photos online. If the photos are for an image gallery, we can create the smaller thumbnail versions for you. Photos will be optimized for faster load time.


You may provide your own video or we have a specialist on video creation with animation and special effects. Videos will be optimized as well for faster load time.

Contact Forms:

We can create customized contact forms and newsletter subscription forms to suit your needs.

SEO-Search Engine Optimization:

We certainly aren’t going to create an amazing website that can’t be found. We will implement SEO techniques to get Google’s attention.