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The New Paltz area is a place for art to flourish!

We build websites for artists!

A Professional website for artists

Imagine walking into the Louvre and looking at a Rembrant framed in a $20 plastic department store frame. Or worse yet, imagine seeing your own work that you poured your heart and soul into in a cheap plastic department store frame. What a shame! Your work deserves better and if you ever want anyone to take you seriously as an artist, you must frame your work in something better. A professional artist website isn't just a frame, its your own gallery. If you are trying to get your work into a physical gallery, curators would look less critically at your work if it is displayed elegantly. Which is more impressive to you, a business card or a phone number on a gum wrapper?

We Build Websites for Artists of All Kinds

  • Impressionistic Artists
  • Post Impressionistic Artists
  • Modern Artists
  • Fine Artists
  • Contemporary Artists
  • Expressionistic Artists
  • Pop Artists
  • Realists
  • Abstract Artists
  • Surrealistic Artists
  • Oil Paint
  • Watercolor Paint
  • Drawing
  • Comic Book Art
  • Cartoon Art
  • Clay Sculpture
  • Rock Sculpture
  • Glass Blown Art
  • Mosaic Art
  • Metal Sculpture
  • Portrait Artists
  • Landscape Artists
  • Still Life Artists
  • Animal Artists
  • Historical Artists

Why Snowman Web Design & development?

Optimized Images

We have a passion for art and a desire to make your work look amazing! We specialize in artist websites and since that mostly consists of photos, we will make sure your photos are optimized for maximum page load speed without losing image quality.

We Will Complement Your Style

Having artistic ability as well, we can choose colors and custom code your gallery selectors to best represent your style. If you prefer to pick the colors or even design your own gallery selector, we can code it for you. For us, your website is a digital canvas.

Responsive Design

This means your website will self-adjust to any size screen. We have seen many artists with websites that the user has to zoom in to see the artwork. This is bad for the user and bad for search engine results as well.


Any museum or gallery may have it's own section for merchandise. Many artists have websites built with templates that were really designed to be a storefront and makes the rest of the website look like the visitor is at a department store. We can add a store front to your site without making the rest of the site look completely commercialized and keeping the focus on the art.

Artist Website Design Samples

Ed Salazar Fine Art

Alea Shea Fine Art

Gallery Selector Samples

Joe is a talented, kind and accommodating website designer. He is very easy to work with and gives you a quality product at a good rate

Ed Salazar
Fort Worth, TX

Thanks to Snowman Web Design & Development, I have a professional page to display my fine art! The process was very easy and the work has integrity.

Alea Shea, NY

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